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Native Perennials

A native or indigenous plant is “a plant that occurs naturally in a particular area of the U.S., that was here before the Europeans came.”  The word endemic means a plant that grows in one place and nowhere else.


Ten Watering Hints from the Pros

Here are a few hints from those in the know…
1. Water deeply and less often.
2. Water in the cool of the morning, not the heat of the day
more ...


Award-Winning, Long Blooming Perennial Flowers

Perennial flowers are great because they don’t have to be replanted each year.  Sure, a plant might have to be replaced here and there, but generally a perennial flower bed costs less and is easier to maintain than one planted with annual flowers.


Tree Diversity - 5 Underused Trees

Besides expressing your individuality, there is good reason to plant different kinds of shade trees in your yard, on your block, and in your city.  Even on your boulevard, it might be a good idea to plant trees different from the varieties your neighbors have planted ...


Who comes with Summer to this earth...

"... And owes to June her hour of birth." Warm weather has arrived at last, but there's still plenty to do in your yard & garden before kicking back with a cool beverage. Check out our updated June Checklist for important tips 'n hints!


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Cashman’s full service, family-owned garden center’s staff includes 12 Certified Plant Professionals, experts on what plants will do best in your yard. Our garden center stocks a huge selection of Northern grown trees, shrubs, over 300 varieties of perennial flowers, bedding plants, seeds, and garden-related items. Cashman’s experienced landscape department, with a full-time landscape architect on staff, can design and install your landscape.

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