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Prep your yard for the winter season

Winter is coming! Learn how to prepare your yard for the upcoming winter season.

Prep Your Yard & Garden for the Cold

We tell kindergarten students when they tour our nursery that plants “go to sleep” in the winter.  This is a simple explanation that small children can understand, but what does dormancy really mean?

Color your indoors with forced bulbs this winter

Plant bulbs in pots and "force" them to bloom early for flowers and color indoors during the winter.

Get your Christmas trees from Cashman's this year

With 10 different varieties of trees plus wreaths and garland Cashman's nursery has got you covered for the holiday season.


Get the perfect gift for the gardener in your life

Pruners, gift certificates and more for the gardener in your life from Cashmans Nursery.


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Cashman’s full service, family-owned garden center’s staff includes 12 Certified Plant Professionals, experts on what plants will do best in your yard. Our garden center stocks a huge selection of Northern grown trees, shrubs, over 300 varieties of perennial flowers, bedding plants, seeds, and garden-related items. Cashman’s experienced landscape department, with a full-time landscape architect on staff, can design and install your landscape.

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