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Bare Root - The Best Way To Plant

Cashman Nursery offers a variety of deciduous trees and shrubs in bare root form. "Bare Root" plants are easy to plant, more resistant to shock, and less expensive.


10 Often Asked Questions About Pruning

Jerry’s father used to say the time to prune is when your pruners are sharp. The old nurseryman’s adage holds true for minor pruning, but now when trees and shrubs are dormant is the best time to prune.


Planning Ahead for your Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardening can be fun and rewarding, but also challenging in our area of Montana. Cashman Nursery has compiled some recommendations for new vegetable gardeners or those who just want ideas for what to grow.


Raised Beds – A Great Way to Garden!

The soil in a raised bed garden warms up quicker in the spring, important in our short growing season. Local climate and soils make raised beds a great way to garden here!


Cashman Nursery Hours:

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Cashman’s full service, family-owned garden center’s staff includes 12 Certified Plant Professionals, experts on what plants will do best in your yard. Our garden center stocks a huge selection of Northern grown trees, shrubs, over 300 varieties of perennial flowers, bedding plants, seeds, and garden-related items. Cashman’s experienced landscape department, with a full-time landscape architect on staff, can design and install your landscape.
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