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Cashman Nurseries, Inc. - Growers of Hardy Fruit Trees, Shade Trees, Evergreens, Shrubs, Windbreaks, and Landscaping. 1200 Acres. Established 1898. Owatonna, Minnesota. Bozeman, Montana.

Our Roots Run DeepCashman Family Tree - Thomas Eugene Cashman, Thomas Eugene Cashman II, Mike Cashman, Joe Cashman, Jerry Cashman, Jan Cashman

Jerry and Jan Cashman came to Bozeman in 1975, purchased the property where Cashman Nursery is now, and built the present nursery building in 1976. But this was not the first time Cashman Nursery had a presence in Bozeman. In 1926 and 1927, Jerry’s father came here selling windbreaks, fruit, and shade trees as a representative of Cashman Nursery in Owatonna, Minnesota. Then, in the 1960s, Jerry’s older brother Dan reintroduced Cashman Nursery, taking orders for trees and shrubs door to door and shipping them from his nursery in Bismarck, North Dakota.

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The original Cashman Nursery was founded in 1898 by Thomas Eugene Cashman, Jerry’s grandfather, in Owatonna, Minnesota as a large, wholesale, mail-order, and retail operation. Jerry’s father, Thomas Eugene Cashman II, worked in the family nursery, selling nursery stock in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana. Now, Jerry’s brother, Tim, has a nursery in Minot, North Dakota, and his brother Dan still owns and operates a garden center in Bismarck.

The rest is history—108 years of history. Cashman Nursery continues to grow and thrive in Bozeman with Jerry’s sons, Joe and Mike Cashman working full time with him in the business.