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Bulbs Tips & Info

Bulbs- Plant in the Fall for Color Next Spring!

In April when we’re waiting impatiently for the grass to green up, for the trees to get leaves, and for color of any kind in our landscape, hardy, perennial bulbs give us the first colorful blooms of spring in our gardens. Definition: A bulb is define... [ View Page ]

Growing Hardy Bulbs

By Bonnie Hickey The majority of hardy bulbs we grow in Montana originated in the Mediterranean or areas of similar climate, which have wet winters and dry summers. These plants grow and flower during periods of good weather and then go dormant to survive... [ View Page ]

Craving Color

By Jan Cashman A friend and customer came in our nursery yesterday and announced, “I need some color!”  This last winter was long and snowy.  Spring has been cold and rainy, and slow in arriving.  We’re all sick of the white, brown, and gray tone... [ View Page ]

How to Grow Dahlias

by Jan Cashman No flower is showier than a dahlia.  The colors of these showy flowers range from white to rich yellow through pinks and red to purples, and sometimes are bicolored.  They bloom in August here and continue to bloom until the first frost. ... [ View Page ]

Forcing Bulbs for Indoor Beauty This Winter

by Jan Cashman By now, if you were going to plant spring-flowering bulbs in your garden, hopefully, you have completed that task.  But, many of us like to plant bulbs in pots and “force” them to bloom early for flowers and color indoors during the wi... [ View Page ]

Brighten Your Fall Gardens

by Jan Cashman The summer gardening season is short here. The first frost kills tender annuals and nipsthe tops of some perennials. Suddenly, our gardens don't look so good. Here are some ideas to brighten up your gardens and extend the season: Plant fal... [ View Page ]


by Jan Cashman Daffodils-Narcissus-Jonquil--which is the correct name? Narcissus is the botanical name for this genus of spring-flowering bulbs. The Narcissus genus takes its name from the mythological Greek youth Narcissus. He was so in love with his own... [ View Page ]

As Rare As A Day In June

by Jan Cashman One of Jerry's favorite poems is As Rare As a Day in June by Lowell. The poem is about plants and animals coming to life in June. June is a favorite month for gardeners because everything is blooming. Gardens have been planted and are up an... [ View Page ]

Unusual Bulbs

by Jan Cashman Fall is the time to plant hardy bulbs for beautiful blooms in your garden next spring. Most bulbs are perennial; they need to be planted only once and will come up and bloom year after year. Not all of what we call bulbs are true bulbs. Som... [ View Page ]