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Christmas Tips & Info

Backyard Plants for Christmas Decorating

Evergreens-Fir, Spruce, Juniper, Cedar Pine Cones Dogwood Twigs Ornamental Grasses Sagebrush Dried Flowers Rose Hips Mountain Ash Berries Crab Apples High Bush Cranberries Use your imagination for much more!... [ View Page ]

Montana Christmas Tree Information

Again, Cashman Nursery will be selling Christmas trees both at our nursery and on West Main across from Bozeman High School., open 7 days a week after Thanksgiving. We will have 10 different varieties, plus wreaths and garland! Christmas Trees Scotch P... [ View Page ]

Make Your Own Custom Evergreen Wreaths

by Jan Cashman 11/21/10 Wreaths have been used for decorating for thousands of years; their unending circle symbolizes eternity. Wreaths worn as headdresses were used as awards in the ancient Olympics, or to celebrate religious holidays. Germany, the init... [ View Page ]

Gifts for Gardeners

For that special gardener on your Christmas list... Felco pruners, the Cadillac of pruners. A Swiss-made tool they will use for years with all replaceable parts! We have a good selection of BOOKS to pour over this winter when you can’t garden outside... [ View Page ]

Christmas Trees – The Tradition

by Jan Cashman 11/16/08 There are many stories about when and where the first Christmas tree came to be, but most think the tradition originated in northern Germany. Pagans in Europe were using evergreen boughs to celebrate winter festivals even before th... [ View Page ]