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Noxious Invasive Weeds

By Jan Cashman   Why should I care about noxious weeds? Driving through our beautiful state, especially in Western Montana, you can easily see the impact of noxious weeds. There are large stands of the deceivingly pretty pinkish-purple flowers of ... [ View Page ]

Preventing Deer and Rodent Damage

By Jan Cashman Deer do more damage to our customers’ trees, shrubs, and flowers than any other disease or physiological problem. Besides selling your house and moving to the middle of town, what can you do to keep the deer from eating all your plants? E... [ View Page ]

What’s Wrong With My Tree?

by Jan Cashman This is the time of the year when we often get asked “What’s wrong with my tree?” Many of the answers to this question are the same year after year. But occasionally a new insect or diseases finds its way to our valley. Last year was... [ View Page ]

Tree Trouble in Town

by Jan Cashman This spring, many deciduous trees in Bozeman are not leafing out.  We were hoping the trees were just slow because of our extremely late spring.  But now it appears some of the green ash, especially the commonly planted cultivar of green ... [ View Page ]

What You Need to Know About the Mountain Pine Beetle

Pine trees, particularly lodgepole pines, in the forest surrounding the Gallatin Valley have been hit hard with Moutain Pine Beetle the last few years. Then, during the summer of 2008, these beetles infected many of the pines in people’s yards in the val... [ View Page ]

What to Plant after the Mountain Pine Beetle

by Jan Cashman - 2009 Most of you have heard about the Mountain Pine Beetle, the insect that is killing many of the pines in Southwest Montana.   If the pine trees in your yard are not infected yet, you may have a chance to save them by installing Verbe... [ View Page ]

What To Do About Deer and Voles

by Jan Cashman We, along with many of you, have deer and voles in our yard and garden. Both are destructive to plants. There is no easy solution to keep them away from plants we value. But there are ways to lessen their damage. VOLES, also called meadow ... [ View Page ]