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My Favorite Blue Flowers

By Jan Cashman In surveys, blue is the world’s most popular color. And for many gardeners, blue is also their favorite flower color. This past spring, our perennial expert, Bonnie Hickey, gave a talk on blue flowers. These are a few things she mentioned... [ View Page ]

History of Sweet Peas

Fragrant sweet pea flowers are native to Sicily and Southern Italy. A Sicilian monk name Cupani sent seed to Dr. Uvedale in Enfield, England, in the 17th Century. (The sweet pea flower named ‘Cupani’ is thought to be the most like the native.) In 1730,... [ View Page ]

Favorite Perennial Flowers from our Staff

A perennial flower garden is rewarding, less expensive and less work than having to replant annual flowers every year. With proper planning, you can have flowers blooming in your perennial garden all summer long. But what are the best perennials for our ar... [ View Page ]

Seeding Your Own Vegetable and Flower Seeds

This is the time of the year when gardeners are pouring over seed catalogs dreaming of what seeds to plant when spring finally arrives. Those little seeds are truly God’s wonders. They contain all that is necessary to produce a new plant. Did you know th... [ View Page ]


 by Jan Cashman 4/29/12 You can’t go wrong with pansies.  We all love their smiling faces in the spring.  And now, pansies are also available without faces, in intense solid colors like white, yellow, orange, blue, even black.  Many are sweetly frag... [ View Page ]

Growing Herbs Indoors

By Jan Cashman 11/20/11  Even though winter has set in and your gardens are under snow, you don’t have to be without fresh herbs.  You can plant an herb garden on your kitchen windowsill.   Here are some hints on how best to grow herbs indoors: Mo... [ View Page ]

Award-Winning, Long Blooming Perennial Flowers

by Jan Cashman Perennial flowers are great because they don’t have to be replanted each year.  Sure, a plant might have to be replaced here and there, but generally a perennial flower bed costs less and is easier to maintain than one planted with annua... [ View Page ]

Native Perennials

What is a native or indigenous plant? One definition is “a plant that occurs naturally in a particular area of the U.S., that was here before the Europeans came.”  The word endemic means a plant that grows in one place and nowhere else.   Endemic p... [ View Page ]

Container Gardening

Everyone is gardening in containers these days. Small lots and condo living contribute to this trend. People want the ease of planting and caring for a small, ‘contained’ garden. Homeowners are interested in decorating not just the inside of their home... [ View Page ]


By Jan Cashman Want a hardy, drought tolerant perennial that survives with little water or care and adds interesting textures and colors to your garden all seasons of the year?  Plant sedum, common name ‘stonecrop’.    There are 400+ species of se... [ View Page ]

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