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The 2011 Gardening Year

by Jan Cashman The weather every year is unique, but 2011 had some real extremes.  We had a snowy winter.  According to Greg Ainsworth, columnist for the Chronicle, “from November through June, was the 3rd wettest period in 113 years.”  At the MSU ... [ View Page ]

Garden Tour 2011

by Jan Cashman The Emerson Cultural Center’s 2011 Garden and Home Tour was the best ever, with over 450 people buying tickets and touring the gardens.  We met a gardening couple who had driven all the way from Fort Benton to see the beautiful gardens a... [ View Page ]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

By Jan Cashman 7/4/11 Growing your own vegetables is fun and rewarding, but there are a number of things that can go wrong with your vegetable plants.   Some of these can be prevented from the beginning if you make sure you have a sunny garden spot with... [ View Page ]

Native Perennials

What is a native or indigenous plant? One definition is “a plant that occurs naturally in a particular area of the U.S., that was here before the Europeans came.”  The word endemic means a plant that grows in one place and nowhere else.   Endemic p... [ View Page ]

Container Gardening

Everyone is gardening in containers these days. Small lots and condo living contribute to this trend. People want the ease of planting and caring for a small, ‘contained’ garden. Homeowners are interested in decorating not just the inside of their home... [ View Page ]

Learning about Gardening from the Grass Roots Up

Jan Cashman Increasing your knowledge of horticulture can help in your quest for a more beautiful, colorful yard and a more abundant vegetable garden.  There are many ways to learn about gardening—from talking to your neighbor who has a green thumb, to... [ View Page ]

Five Outstanding Plants for Winter Interest

by Jan Cashman Our winter landscapes are naturally beautiful, with the snow laden branches of evergreens, long tree shadows on the snow on a sunny day, and hoarfrost glistening on branches on a frosty morning.  Certain trees and shrubs are exceptional fo... [ View Page ]

The 2010 Growing Season

by Jan Cashman The weather affects how our trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables grow each year.  Here is a brief rundown of 2010’s weather and growing conditions:  Last winter’s temperatures were mild, but winter snowfall was well above average; t... [ View Page ]

Ideas from the 2010 Garden Tour

by Jan Cashman The 2010 Garden Tour this July 9 and 10 went on after the terrible hailstorm on June 30 and the gardens looked beautiful despite the hail.  The gardeners who open up their homes and gardens for all to visit are generous to do so.  This ye... [ View Page ]

Planning Ahead for your Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardening can be fun and rewarding, but also challenging in our area of Montana. The challenges to gardening--from rocky soil, insects, pests in general, and frosts that can occur on June 15 or August 15-- are outweighed by the fun and rewards of... [ View Page ]