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Gardening Year in Review Tips & Info

The 2010 Growing Season

by Jan Cashman The weather affects how our trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables grow each year.  Here is a brief rundown of 2010’s weather and growing conditions:  Last winter’s temperatures were mild, but winter snowfall was well above average; t... [ View Page ]

2009 Growing Season

by Jan Cashman Every year's weather and growing conditions are unique and 2009 is no exception.  After a number of years of hot, dry summers, 2009 was neither hot nor dry.  In fact, March was one of the coldest and wettest in over a decade after a Febru... [ View Page ]

The 2008 Growing Season

by Jan Cashman Don Mathre summed it up at the October Gallatin Gardener's Club meeting when he said that he has gardened here for 41 years and this has been the most challenging year ever because of the cold, wet, spring and three hailstorms within five d... [ View Page ]

2007 Growing Season

By Jan Cashman Our hot July wasn't the only weather extreme to affect the 2007 growing season; we also had snow, rain, frost, drought, all kinds of weather that affected our plants' growth this past spring and summer. Well above average snowfall last Feb... [ View Page ]

The 2006 Growing Season

by Jan Cashman It is again time to look back on this years' growing season and reflect what the gardening successes and failures were in our area and how our gardens were affected by the weather. Last winter was a snowy one with most of the snowfall ear... [ View Page ]