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Landscaping Tips & Info

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Your Edible Landscape

By Jan Cashman Why not make your landscape good to eat?  If you are going to give your plants tender loving care, let them give you something in return besides beauty—fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  Whether you are designing a new landscape or remodel... [ View Page ]

Five Outstanding Plants for Winter Interest

by Jan Cashman Our winter landscapes are naturally beautiful, with the snow laden branches of evergreens, long tree shadows on the snow on a sunny day, and hoarfrost glistening on branches on a frosty morning.  Certain trees and shrubs are exceptional fo... [ View Page ]

Craving Color

By Jan Cashman A friend and customer came in our nursery yesterday and announced, “I need some color!”  This last winter was long and snowy.  Spring has been cold and rainy, and slow in arriving.  We’re all sick of the white, brown, and gray tone... [ View Page ]

Attracting Birds to Your Yard

by Jan Cashman It’s fun to watch birds out your window, especially in the winter.   If you provide adequate food, shelter, and water for them, you can attract a wide variety of birds to your yard.  Many species of birds are found in Bozeman and the s... [ View Page ]

14 Biggest Landscape Mistakes

by Jan Cashman 12/04/08 The Home and Garden Channel has had a series on the 25 Biggest Mistakes made in areas like Decorating, Real Estate, and Renovating. The program that interested me most in this series was the one on the 25 Biggest Landscaping Mistak... [ View Page ]

Brighten Your Fall Gardens

by Jan Cashman The summer gardening season is short here. The first frost kills tender annuals and nipsthe tops of some perennials. Suddenly, our gardens don't look so good. Here are some ideas to brighten up your gardens and extend the season: Plant fal... [ View Page ]

12 Hints For Creating A Perennial Border

by Jan Cashman During this time of the year, I am glad I have lots of perennial flowers emerging in my beds. Planting a lot of annuals every spring is time consuming. After reading articles in gardening magazines, consulting our wonderful staff, and visit... [ View Page ]

Add Color To Your Garden With Colorful Leaves

by Jan Cashman 5/4/08 Trends come and go in gardening, just as they do in clothing and home furnishings. This year, we are seeing lots of plants with colorful leaves of burgundy, purple, yellow, gold, and variegated combinations of white or cream and gree... [ View Page ]

Beautiful Shrubs – Edible Fruit

by Jan Cashman April is the time to start planting shrubs. This year, consider shrubs that are not just pretty, but have edible berries. Intersperse them in your landscape as ornamentals that will also put food on the table. Although most of the berries o... [ View Page ]

Green – Our Color

by Jan Cashman Every time I open a magazine lately I see articles about "green living" or "sustainability". What do they mean by "green"? What is "sustainability"? And what is this thing called our "ecological footprint"? I wasn't sure so I looked them up... [ View Page ]

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