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Monthly Checklists Tips & Info

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December Checklist

Christmas Make a fresh cut in your Christmas tree right before you put it in water. Keep water in your Christmas tree stand at all times. Add “Tree Life” to keep your Christmas tree fresher. Keep Christmas tree away from heat vents, stoves, and ca... [ View Page ]

May Checklist

Prune evergreens and spring-flowering hedges Sow Lawn seed once soil warms Plant bare root nursery stock Spray for fire blight at apple blossom time Sow wild flower seeds and native grasses Fertilize, mow and water lawn Sow cool-season vegetable se... [ View Page ]

July Checklist

Water lawns & gardens 1" or more per week Fertilize lawns Apply broadleaf weedkiller to lawns as needed Water new trees & shrubs Water all trees & shrubs in periods of drought Spray for pests, if necessary Treat iron chlorosis Fertiliz... [ View Page ]

June Checklist

Prune evergreens Sow lawn seed Water seedlings & new plants Prune hedges Contain garden weeds when they are small Check for pests & spray, if necessary Spread Semaspore when grasshoppers are first seen Fertilize spring bulbs with bone meal... [ View Page ]

April Checklist

Prune fruit & shade trees (except maple  or birch) Spray dormant oil Hand rake lawns Transplant evergreens Apply pre-emergent herbicides Start warm-season vegetables indoors Plant Sweet Peas Remove tree wraps & winter mulches Uncover tea... [ View Page ]

March Checklist

Leave mulches on Spray fruit trees with dormant oil Prune trees and shrubs (except spring-blooming shrubs, evergreens, maples and birch) Rake lawn Start seeds indoors Plant sweet peas Sow cool-season vegetables Check tubers & corms that are in... [ View Page ]

Winter Checklist

Protect plants from deer and rodents: Wrap trunks with hardware cloth Fence young trees Use spray repellents Put out Irish Spring soap Put out poison for voles Replenish mulch if needed, to tea roses, new perennial beds, etc. Spray anti desi... [ View Page ]

November Checklist

Protect tea roses with mulch or rose cones Water evergreens well before the ground freezes Wrap young trees, dark barked trees & smooth barked trees to protect from rodents and sunscald Spray anti-desiccant on evergreens that are likely to winter ... [ View Page ]

October Checklist

Plant bulbs, peonies, lilies Fertilize lawn with 16-20-0-14 fertilizer Dormant seed pasture grasses Plant evergreens Pick apples & plums when they are ripe Divide & replant perennials Dig up glads, begonias & dahlias for winter storag... [ View Page ]

September Checklist

Plant containerized trees and shrubs Plant spring-flowering bulbs Fertilize lawn with 16-20-0 fertilizer Plant peonies Transplant aspen after leaf drop Protect vegetables from frost Harvest garden vegetables Divide & replant perennials Fertil... [ View Page ]

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