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Exciting New Plants Coming to Cashman Nursery & Landscaping in 2013

Trees Red Rocket Maple (Acer rubrum ‘Red Rocket’) — Narrow, columnar shape—8’spread x 30’ height. Fiery red fall foliage. Pacific Sunset Maple (Hybrid of Acer truncatum, a maple native to northern China, and Acer platanoides or Norway mapl... [ View Page ]

New Plants for 2012

by Jan Cashman 2/10/12 There’s a garden full of new plants introduced to the retail market again this year.  Here are a few of these exciting new plants that should do well in our climate: Trees In the milder northern climates of Des Moines, Iowa, or... [ View Page ]

New Plants for 2011

by Jan Cashman Another winter almost past, and even though there’s still more snow to come, many of us are dreaming of warm weather and gardening. Each year at this time, trade magazines and plant catalogs feature new plants that have been introduced b... [ View Page ]

New Plants for 2010

by Jan Cashman 1/30/10 In the past few years, “branding” of plants has become important in the nursery and gardening business. “Proven Winners”, the largest U.S. plant brand, was formed in 1992 by plant propagators to introduce new, unique, high-p... [ View Page ]

New Plants for 2009

by Jan Cashman Every year growers and plant breeders develop improved trees, shrubs, and flowers that are disease resistant, have better form, leaf color, hardiness, and longer bloom times.    We don’t buy all the new varieties that are available to ... [ View Page ]

New Plants for 2008

by Jan Cashman Each winter, in the midst of snow and cold, it's fun to dream about spring and the new plants that will be available this year. Growers and researchers are always searching for superior selections and hybrids of ornamental trees, shrubs, an... [ View Page ]