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Plant Care Tips & Info

Tomato Growing Hints

Choose early maturing varieties for highest yields—70 days or less (see chart) Sow seed indoors 6 to 8 weeks before last frost or buy started plants Make sure the plants you buy have strong, thick stems and are not leggy Harden off before pl... [ View Page ]

Plant Hardiness Zones

Plant Hardiness Zones—What do they mean?  Are they important?  By Jan Cashman 12/3/13 This winter, when you’re studying gardening magazines and seed catalogs to decide what to plant next spring, do you ever wonder about the “Zone” numbers next t... [ View Page ]

Ten Watering Hints from the Professionals

By Jan Cashman 7/8/12 We don’t know what the rest of the summer will bring, but so far it’s been hot and very dry.  Humidity has been low and the trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables in our yards and gardens can easily become stressed.  Here are a... [ View Page ]

Preparing Your Yard For Winter

By Jan Cashman The first fall that At Home was published, the year 2000, I wrote about how to prepare your yard for winter. The information still applies, so here is the article, revised, with added information on winterizing your perennial flowers: Lawn... [ View Page ]

Effective Water Use

The last few years of drought in Montana have made us all aware of the problem of excessive water use in the landscape. Some years, water rationing makes a water-wise landscape essential. In the 80s the word "xeriscape" was coined to mean a landscape which... [ View Page ]

Attracting Birds to Your Yard

by Jan Cashman It’s fun to watch birds out your window, especially in the winter.   If you provide adequate food, shelter, and water for them, you can attract a wide variety of birds to your yard.  Many species of birds are found in Bozeman and the s... [ View Page ]

Dormancy and Winter Injury

by Jan Cashman We tell kindergarten students when they tour our nursery that plants “go to sleep” in the winter.  This is a simple explanation that small children can understand, but what does dormancy really mean?   What happens to plants in the f... [ View Page ]

9 Common Gardening Misconceptions

by Jan Cashman A tree branch that is 2 feet off the ground this year will move higher up the trunk as the tree grows; crabgrass is prevalent in Bozeman area lawns;ants are needed to open peony blossoms. None of these are true. There are a lot of misconcep... [ View Page ]

Fertilizer 101

by Jan Cashman There are 16 elements which plants require for survival, growth, and normal development called "essential elements". Three of them-carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen-are found in the air and water. The other thirteen are provided by soil and/or f... [ View Page ]