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Vegetable Tips & Info

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Growing Tomatoes

By Jan Cashman Tomatoes are the most popular garden vegetable. We sell thousands of tomato plants each year. You can grow delicious, nutritious tomatoes, in our high mountain climate with its cool nights and short growing season by using a few tricks. Tw... [ View Page ]


By Jan Cashman Now that you have your vegetable garden planted and the seeds are starting to emerge, the tomato and peppers are setting tiny fruit, the squash is sending out runners, and you are picking spinach and lettuce, how do you keep your plants hea... [ View Page ]

Tomato Growing Hints

Choose early maturing varieties for highest yields—70 days or less (see chart) Sow seed indoors 6 to 8 weeks before last frost or buy started plants Make sure the plants you buy have strong, thick stems and are not leggy Harden off before pl... [ View Page ]

Rhubarb the ‘Pie Plant’

By Jan Cashman Grandmothers in the northern U.S. called rhubarb the “Pie Plant”. Rhubarb pies taste wonderful (rhubarb is often combined with strawberries) but you can make other desserts with rhubarb besides pies. I make a simple rhubarb sauce by dic... [ View Page ]

Seeding Your Own Vegetable and Flower Seeds

This is the time of the year when gardeners are pouring over seed catalogs dreaming of what seeds to plant when spring finally arrives. Those little seeds are truly God’s wonders. They contain all that is necessary to produce a new plant. Did you know th... [ View Page ]

Hints for the Beginning Vegetable Gardener

by Jan Cashman 4/6/12 Vegetable gardening is “in”.  Everyone is growing vegetables these days to save dollars at the grocery store and provide better tasting, nutritious food grown without chemicals.  Vegetable gardening is an inexpensive, fun activ... [ View Page ]

Origin of Species of Corn, Potatoes, and Tomatoes – and Some Other Interesting History

By Jan Cashman 12/14/11 Ever wonder where the vegetables we eat and grow in our gardens came from?   The plants had to originate somewhere.  Thousands of years ago when people simply gathered wild fruits and vegetables for food, these plants were found... [ View Page ]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

By Jan Cashman 7/4/11 Growing your own vegetables is fun and rewarding, but there are a number of things that can go wrong with your vegetable plants.   Some of these can be prevented from the beginning if you make sure you have a sunny garden spot with... [ View Page ]

Growing Garlic

by Jan Cashman Growing your own food in your own garden means chemical-free, fresher, tastier vegetables and fruits. Many gardeners, not only here in the Gallatin Valley, but all over the country, are realizing this. Garlic is a plant that gardeners can e... [ View Page ]

Harvesting and Preserving Your Garden Produce

by Jan Cashman During our 30 years of vegetable gardening in the Gallatin Valley, we have learned a few tricks to picking and preserving our fruits and vegetables. Some we learned by trial and error; others friends and other gardeners have shared. If you ... [ View Page ]

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