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Bedding Plants

Huge Selection • Highest Quality • Various Sizes
Unusual & Hard-To-Find Varieties

Annual Flowers

We offer a huge selection of annuals (flowers that survive only one summer) from common petunias, marigolds, snapdragons, and geraniums to unusual tropicals and trailers and stuffers for your hanging baskets and containers. Check out our beautiful, greenhouse grown hanging baskets.


Perennial Flowers

Perennial flowers have grown in popularity because they come back every year. We offer over 300 varieties of perennial flowers for sun or shade, in 3.5” and 6” sizes. Larger 2 gal. sizes are available in some varieties.



Culinary herbs are easy to grow and make your home cooking into gourmet cooking. We offer a full selection of herbs—some annual and some perennial.


Ornamental Grasses

The latest thing in gardening, mix graceful ornamental grasses in your perennial flower beds or create a bed of grasses alone. Choose from our huge selection of grasses that will add texture to your garden year round.


Ground Covers

Our selection of low, spreading, perennial ground covers includes those that thrive in sun or those that prefer shade with bloom times varying from early spring to late summer.


Vegetable Plant Starts

The growers at Cashman Nursery take care to select early-season tomatoes, peppers, and brassicas that will thrive in our mountain valley. Try our pumpkin, squash, or cucumber selections.

Native Plants

We carry a large selection of native plants for the xeriscape (drought-tolerant) garden. Native flowers, once established, can survive with minimum extra water.