Cashman Nursery - Bozeman, MT Growing for You Since 1898

2017 Spring Seminars
at Cashman Nursery and Landscaping

Seminars are held at Cashman Nursery’s greenhouses or shop.

Saturday, March 25

9:30 New (Plus Old Tried and True) Perennials by Lucia Christie, representative of Skagit Gardens, bedding plant grower in Skagit, Washington. Learn about exciting new varieties and old varieties that grow well here.

10:30 Pruning Trees and Fruit Trees by John Noreika, consulting arborist for Bozeman Tree, Lawn, and Landscape Care.

Saturday, April 1

9:30 How to Grow Prize-Winning Sweet Peas by the Sweet Pea Flower Show coordinator and winner.

10:15 Do-it-Yourself Pruning by Jerry Cashman. Jerry will teach you the principles of proper tree and shrub pruning to improve the size, shape and health of plants in your yard.

Saturday, April 8

9:00 Getting Started in Vegetable Gardening—Good Varieties to Grow for our Climate by Don Mathre, retired MSU professor of plant pathology and active member of the Gallatin Gardeners Club.

9:45 Seed Your Own Vegetable Transplants (And other early-season gardening tricks) by Cheryl-Moore Gough, MS in Horticulture, local gardening expert and author.

Tuesdays, April 11-May 2, 7-9pm. Trees, Shrubs, and Landscaping for the Bozeman Area by Jerry Cashman and Shelly Engler, landscape architect, at Bozeman Senior High, Call 522-6012 to sign up.

Saturday, April 15

9:00 Growing Long-Season Vegetables like Tomatoes, Peppers, Squash and More by John Austin, Gallatin Gardeners Club. John has been an avid gardener in the Gallatin Valley for years. He will share his tricks to produce early crops of tomatoes and other vegetables.

9:45 Best Ways to Grow Strawberries, Raspberries, and Asparagus by Jerry Cashman.


Saturday, April 22

9:00 Water Efficient Landscapes by Lain Leoniak, City of Bozeman Water Conservation Program Manager. Why and how to save water in your landscape by proper plantings and sprinkler settings. Ways to take advantage of available rebates on water-saving irrigation parts.

9:45 Controlling Weeds in Your Lawn and Garden by Jane Mangold, MSU PhD, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in Environmental Science. Bring your questions—she has a wealth of knowledge on invasive weeds.

Friday, April 28 Arbor Day—Plant a Tree!


Saturday, April 29

9:00 Alternatives to a Kentucky Bluegrass Lawn by Tracy Dougher, MSU Professor of Plant Science whose research has been on alternative grasses. Learn how you can water and mow less!

9:45 It’s a Zoo Out There—When Flora and Fauna Combine by Jennifer Weiss, local professional gardener. Jennifer has been gardening in her own and others’ yards in the Gallatin Valley for years. She has worked on many of the Emerson Garden Tour’s gardens. See what fun cultivars are available for your garden—Lamb’s Ears, Pink Pussy Toes, Cat Mint or Nip, Butterfly Weed, and many more. Combine pets with plants!!

10:30 The Correct Way to Plant a Tree by Joe and Mike Cashman. For better success in your plantings, learn the correct way to plant bare root, potted, and balled and burlapped plants.

Saturday, May 6

9:00 How to Make Beautiful, Easy-to-Grow Succulent Container Gardens by Denise Montgomery, Cashman Nursery bedding expert and container garden designer. Succulent plants are popular because of their low water requirements and easy care. Learn how to make your own succulent garden.

9:45 Best Varieties and How to Grow Hardy Shrub Roses by Bill Sutton, representative of Bailey Nurseries in St. Paul, Minnesota. Do you love roses but have trouble getting them to overwinter in your yard? Bill will show you some of beautiful but hardy varieties that will grow well for you!

Saturday, May 13

9:00 Container Gardening with Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs, and Vegetables by Bonnie Hickey, our bedding plant buyer. Bonnie has worked at Cashman Nursery for 20 years and can show you many tricks for creating and maintaining stunning container gardens.