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Plant Hardiness Zones

Plant Hardiness Zones—What do they mean?  Are they important?  By Jan Cashman 12/3/13 This winter, when you’re studying gardening magazines and seed catalogs to decide what to plant next spring, do you ever wonder about the “Zone” numbers next t... [ View Page ]

Your Edible Landscape

YOUR EDIBLE LANDSCAPE by Jan Cashman 4/10/11 Why not make your landscape good to eat?  If you are going to give your plants tender loving care, let them give you something in return besides beauty—fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  Whether you are design... [ View Page ]

The Best Fruit Tree Varieties

THE BEST FRUIT TREE VARIETIES by Jan Cashman 9/5/13 This year has been a year of bountiful harvests!  From the first garden crops of spinach and lettuce to many delicious raspberries to our overflowing orchard, we are being well- fed from our gardens and... [ View Page ]

December Checklist

Christmas Make a fresh cut in your Christmas tree right before you put it in water. Keep water in your Christmas tree stand at all times. Add “Tree Life” to keep your Christmas tree fresher. Keep Christmas tree away from heat vents, stoves, and ca... [ View Page ]

Cashman Nursery’s 16th Annual Zucchini Festival

Saturday, August 17, 2013 8:00-6:00 Zucchini Bucks How they work: From July 29 through August 16, Cashman Nursery will give you one Zucchini Buck for every $10 you spend at our nursery.  Then, on August 17, during our Zucchini Festival, you can redeem ... [ View Page ]

Exciting New Plants Coming to Cashman Nursery & Landscaping in 2013

Trees Red Rocket Maple (Acer rubrum ‘Red Rocket’) — Narrow, columnar shape—8’spread x 30’ height. Fiery red fall foliage. Pacific Sunset Maple (Hybrid of Acer truncatum, a maple native to northern China, and Acer platanoides or Norway mapl... [ View Page ]

Seeding Your Own Vegetable and Flower Seeds

This is the time of the year when gardeners are pouring over seed catalogs dreaming of what seeds to plant when spring finally arrives. Those little seeds are truly God’s wonders. They contain all that is necessary to produce a new plant. Did you know th... [ View Page ]

Ten Watering Hints from the Professionals

By Jan Cashman 7/8/12 We don’t know what the rest of the summer will bring, but so far it’s been hot and very dry.  Humidity has been low and the trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables in our yards and gardens can easily become stressed.  Here are a... [ View Page ]


by Jan Cashman 5/27/12 Ninebarks (genus Physocarpus) are easy–to-grow, woody shrubs that have increased in popularity over the last few years.   One reason for ninebark’s increased popularity is their stunning leaf colors on graceful, arching branch... [ View Page ]


 by Jan Cashman 4/29/12 You can’t go wrong with pansies.  We all love their smiling faces in the spring.  And now, pansies are also available without faces, in intense solid colors like white, yellow, orange, blue, even black.  Many are sweetly frag... [ View Page ]